Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is Alteryx?

Alteryx begins at $5,195 USD /user per year.

How much are Abada Solutions training and support services?

Our fees are charged at an hourly rate and depend on the scope of each engagement. We provide clients with an estimated quote after a free initial consultation.

Which data sources does Alteryx connect to?

There are over 80 natively integrated data sources ranging from Amazon, Oracle and Salesforce to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and CSVs. You can explore and connect data from on-prem databases, the cloud, big or small data sets, and more. If you can access the data, you can bring it into Alteryx.

Can Alteryx distribute data?

Yes. Alteryx can share data in a variety of formats such as writing back to databases, sending information to bots, outputting data to a spreadsheet templates, creating easy-to-consume reports, and much more.

What is the difference between Analytic Process Automation (APA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

APA is distinct from RPA as APA automates analytic, data-driven processes. RPA automates manual tasks that may not relate to analytics or data.

Is Alteryx relevant for businesses of all sizes?

Yes. Alteryx is relevant for any business where data is a crucial asset. The platform meets the needs of small businesses and effortlessly scales to meet the needs of the largest enterprises.

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